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downtown area. complete bay area coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, we want to start a look at your weather, for that, we start with steve paulson. and we have a very gusty south wind starting off and that front is on its way and it will pack a good punch but unless you are off to the north, we have mild conditions. here is sal. steve mentioned the winds may be an issue on the bridges and causeway so use care. also this morning we are looking at the commute on 101 that traffic looks good approaching the split, it is
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5:00 let's go to the desk. they are dealing with two water-main breaks. we have alex savage there right now, what is going on right now, alex? >> reporter: people in pittsburgh will be waking up without running water and we will show you why, right here. this is that broken water-main and you can see crews are working on it to try and get access and obviously do the repair work necessary to get the water back on. this is the crews in the city of pittsburgh and they are working between york and cutter. this water-main break is running and at this point, both of the streets in this area are dry. we will show what you this looked like when we first got here as crews were pulling water out of the street.
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the call was about 8:00 this morning and it sent water rushing down the street. we talked with a man who lives a couple of blocks away and he said at the height of this break he had water flowing down his street. >> it was so high that it was causing belts to slip and squeal. it was so bad. >> reporter: and a worker out here says the water will remain shut off while they continue to do repair work. he does not know how many homes are affected but at least a couple of blocks surrounding the bridge will have the water dark brink will have the -- will have the water shut off. it will be at least a countel of hours before this was the -- couple of hours before this water line is repaired and we will continue to monitor the situation here in pittsburgh.
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for now we are live in pittsburgh, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> and this one just hours ago another water-main break flooded several basements. now the water has been turned off and the cause of that water main break is still under investigation. they are investigating auspicious house fire. the fire broke out with the same house that was killed back in 2000. the vallejo herald times reports called for help after somebody saw smoke coming from the garage. firefighters were able to knock down the flames but that same area made headlines back in april when veteran police officers were serving a warrant at the property and were shot to death and the man is now
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currently serving a life sentence. a strike by union workers is expanding at the port of oakland. they are planning to start picketing after targeting the oakland airport last night. now maintenance workers and custodial workers picketed outside terminal 1 and they say they have been working without a contract for 17 months. union officials are accusing them of withholding important information. they are facing a $1.3 billion outstanding debt and they want employees to start contributing to their retirement. they are hoping to minimize disruption for truckers and shippers as this union strike expands. new this morning, people are concerned after a string of
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burglaries. live in gilroy with what specifically those thieves are targeting, here is more. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. there has been a recent rash of burglaries according to the dispatch and here is one of the antique stores that has been hit and since september, they are reporting at least four antique stores have been hit by burglars. in many cases jewelry, silver and clocks are reportedly being stolen. the police are investigating and putting graveyard shift officers in the downtown area but many are growing impatient and want answers from police. they want to see if these incidents are connected. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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palestinians in gaza fired a rocket. reportedly the rocket did not reach the city and authorities are trying to determine where exactly it did hit. it is the second time it was aimed at jerusalem which is 50 miles from gaza. now this comes as secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is on her way to meet with the israeli prime minister. clinton was in cambodia meeting there with asian leaders but with the escalating problems in the middle east he sent hillary rodham clinton. she is also scheduled to meet with egyptian leaders in cairo and the west bank. now coming up one sign israel may be willing to give diplomats some time to work out a cease-fire agreement. now police say this is a
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man from san jose. police say he was visiting an a acquaintance when he allegedly a sexually assaulted her. another man was arrested for kidnapping and raping a 33-year- old woman. if you have any information contact police. san francisco supervisors will take a vote on banning public knew thety across the citiment they are about a group of men who often appear naked. under this first offense, you would feta $100 fine and a second offense will be $500 fine. if it passes certain people will be exempt from that nudity ban. and they voted against using money from a budget
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surplus to provide bus passes for several youths. they say it should instead go towards muni improvements and the final decision on where it will go will be made next month. dave good morning, i am happy to see maureen too, it is looking good on the east shore freeway and traffic is looking good and i am wondering which day will be, maybe it will be today or tomorrow when we start seeing the traffic get lighter closer to the holiday or holidays. and then usually people have the day after thanksgiving off as well so it makes it easier for those of us who have to work. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems and it was backed up throughout the morning.
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usually at about 6:15, if it is really nice traffic on 101 still looks good, let's go to steve. vain already developing. fso is mainly towards the north bay and the front is still up here. the system will play into our weather if not for rain it will be for clouds and wind. it is already getting blustery around here and gusts are up around 30 in higher elevations and rain moves in overnight tonight and wednesday it will be out of here. fso, oakland, napa airport we have a south wind developing also fairfield and livermore and most locations are mild. you can see some of that rain moving in, in advance of that system for the north bay so rain start early. see this, clear lake, santa
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rosa north so northern some what county, the front will not only be a strong system but cold. rain to the north could be some south fso very mild temperatures due to the nature of this system, 60s for some, upper 60s to 70 and livermore pleasant on it, 68 in red wood city as well. and although for some, it will be in the north bay but it will clear out and once the wind calms down, it will be all right as far as conditions and there will be some rainy conditions out to the north. and what the fbi says men were tar getting. and a big win for the san
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francisco 49ers and they are talking about it from last night. and driving to fremont, we will tell you more about the morning commute and have another check on your thanksgiving weather. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. . the fbi says the men plan on carrying out the attack
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through al qaeda and taliban. they were arrested for plotting to bomb u.s. military basis and they were arrested for carrying out plots in afghanistan. and former general david petraeus has hired somebody to represent paula broadwell. this is video of paula broadwell at her home which is now constantly is your rounded -- surrounded by reporters. she said a tampa,florida woman prompted an investigation which exposed general david petraeus who has since resigned. and in the middle east crisis it is expanding as allison burns reports, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is heading to jerusalem right now. allison?
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>> reporter: hillary rodham clinton is now on her way to jerusalem. she will meet in cairo to meet with egyptian officials. they continue rocket attacks and israel strikes from the air, at least 112 people have been killed at least half are civilians and israel has agreed to put its ground offensive on hold for now and they described hillary rodham clinton's challenging mission. >> to support a durable outcome that ends rocket attacks and restores abrader calm in the region... >> reporter: three u.s. ships have returned to be on standby incase americans need to be evacuated from israel. reporting live allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, it was a big night
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for monday night football and it ended with the 49ers destroying the chicago bears 32- 7. and they are replacing the injured smith, passing for 243 yards and 2 touchdowns. after the game, jim harbaugh was asked if he would be the starting quarterback from now on. >> they usually tend to go with, guys have the hot hand and they have two quarterbacks instead of having a hot hand. so they did an outstanding job. on the other side of the ball, smith had a career high, 5.5 sacks and the most in monday night football, 49ers and sunday in new orleans. last night they had a meeting for one family and that's because their son played in his
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first game. coming up, 5:24 we will hear from the backup quarterback and the phone call he had late sunday night. 5:16 we are learning more about a plane crash last month in half-moon bay. it appears the pilot slammed his plane into the bluff. the pilot from florida died in the crash. investigators still have not determined what exactly caused the plane to hit the bluff. this appears to be the busiest holiday travel since the start of the great recession according to experts. 5.4million people will drive or take a train from their homes this holiday. there is an increase of 3% from last year and san jose, they expect 2% more passengers. oakland is seeing more travelers but they it not if i
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have 'exact number. >> are you seeing the exact number? >> dave, i don't. right now we don't see a lot of people to be honest with you, if you look at this picture with me, you see a handful of cars and trucks going on but in an hour if it still looks this way we will have the holiday affect going on. right now traffic is moderate and there are no major problems in san francisco a long 101 approaching the 880 split, traffic looks nice approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge and if you are driving on the peninsular, highway 101 is looking good in both directions. let's go to steve. >> i had a nice tweet from kirk, he is up in mendocino county and the front is still making its move and parts of the north bay are already picking up some rain in advance
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of it. 50s and upper, almost 50 degrees and in advance of that system, it begins to develop for some, i would say the south bay. santa rosa is already beginning to show up on radar and some locations will be on the mild side otherwise we have to wait for that front to come in. clouds and wind for most, rain mostly north bay and tonight rain comes in and sweeps over the area for everybody. this is our cloud and rain forecast from pinellas county -- marin county north and it will still be points north and works its way in this evening and comes in sonoma and not until 6:00.
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there is 10:00 over santa rosa and comes over the entire area by 4:00 a.m. again it has started for others, so clouds and winds fusting, 60s on the low temperatures mild to upper. it will be cold and breezy and the weekend looks good but there will be fog in the valley. thank you steve. this morning hewlett pack card announced $6 billion loss and they lost $2 billion the same time last year. it is still better than analysts had forecast. the british company last year lied about its finances and resulted in a $9 billion write down. well china and hong kong
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slipped but south korea anti- jaun and -- and taiwan all gained. many investors were concerned after muni gained and we want to show you it was a big gain on the to you do you, nazdaq was up and we will have your latest wall street numbers coming up around 6:30. a man was seriously hurt in an attack. who police were searching for and why? it is not necessarily for humans. at nature valley,
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. good morning, a man is in the hospital after being robbed and stabbed near fisherman's wharf. it happened on bay street and columbus avenue. the suspects in their 20s are still on the loose. one suspect knocked the man on to the ground and the other suspect stabbed the victim three times and they got away with the victim's cell phone. your time is now 5:24 last night's 49ers game had a very special meaning. their son colin had his first ever nfl start.
5:25 am
they started after he was injured and was not cleared after that concussion. he was adopted when he was just a baby. he went to the university of nevada and had a football scholarship and was drafted by the 49ers. his father was proud of his son's accomplishments and was proud to get the big call sunday night. >> it was late at night and i said really, good for you, this is what you have been wanting. >> and boy did he deliver, 49ers destroyed the chicago bears, they won 32-7. your time is now 5:25 bay area humane societies want to make sure pets get food this holiday season. the united states launched fill the bowl project. they want to help with the holiday food drive, and in east
5:26 am
bay and contra costa are participating. a new study may suggest great apes have mid-life crisis just as humans. they found apes in the middle of their life span were more likely to be socially -- less socially engaged and they suggest mid-life crisis may be driven by biology. good morning sal. hello, maureen, traffic does look good around the bay. if you are drive together south bay, northbound looks good approaching 880 change into the valley. they are using the transition like 680 and 880 and so far it looks good heading south. let's go to steve. in petaluma some light rain
5:27 am
and i top think it is really that much, more towards the north bay, it is up on the front toward the north coast and you already have some rain. highs upper f50s and 60s. right now we will have temperatures on the light side. and violent crime sprees in san jose and we will have more on the photo that could help police. union workers are targeting the port of oakland and you can see them showing up with their picket signs. we will have more on how it might affect travel plans later this week. and damaging two water-main breaks overnight in the bay area. w
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. welcome back, a brand-new day, november 20th, i am dave clark. >> your time is 5:29 we turn it over to steve, it is very windy out there. it will be that way and north clouds and wind until tonight and it is a strong system and it is a ways away but it will get here. mostly cloudy and windy and mild for some, here is sal.
5:31 am
it looks good if you are driving up to the willow pass grade with no major problems and it continues to look good all the way to concord. police are investigating a collision which happened on 16th and clay. a driver of the mercedes caused a truck to flip over. the driver of the percent said diswas not -- mercedes was not injured. an aging pipe flooded a daily city neighborhood. alex savage joins us live where a 5-foot sinkhole has opened this morning and it looks like they are still working tonight. >> reporter: i spoke with a woman who lives on the street and she said she heard the pipe break and saw the street
5:32 am
quickly fill with water. you can walk right here and peer down into this good sized sinkhole which developed as a result of this water-main break. crews are still doing repair work on this broken water-main break between york and cutter and obviously the road closed as they do the work here. crews had to shut the water line obviously so they can do the repair and that means some of the people on the surrounding streets will not have water as they wake up this morning. the contra costa fire department got the call about the water-main break this morning and workers here on the scene tell me at this point they really don't know why the pipe burst but it sent water rushing in both directions. the neighbor what lives in front of the break tells me it was obvious to her something
5:33 am
was wrong. >> it sounded like a boom, boom sound and as we came outside you can see the water gushing from where they are at. >> reporter: so again people in this area don't have running water and i spoke with the men on the scene ansa they say it is unclear how many homes have been impacted by this break but as we come back here live quite a bit of work, this sinkhole still has to be filled in and all that work has to be done before the water can be turned back on and workers will be out here until this water line is fixed. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and we are tracking another water-main break, this time
5:34 am
near brewster avenue and warren street have flooded following that break. right now the cause of that break is being investigated. and as we speak, union workers are on strike at the port of oakland and oakland international airport. christian captain is at the airport right now to tell us why they are on strike and how it will affect business at the port, christain? >> reporter: we have been here at the port for about 20 minutes and it was dead when we first got here but now you can see a lot of activity, people are gathering to picket this morning. you can see a large crowd of workers over there and in the distance, we noticed more of them prepping and getting their signs ready. earlier we were at oakland international airport where they also have protests
5:35 am
underway. union custodians, plumbers they are all walking the lines. they represent 220 custodians and this are charges the port strongly denies. >> what our members want is for the port to come back to the table and sit down with this fairly and negotiate the contract. >> now coming up to our live shot here, you can see this large inflatable rat and you can see this last night and as you come down here, you can see workers are beginning to gather here at this entrance to the port and we hear there will be activity here throughout the day until at least 9:00 tonight and protests are underway at oakland international airport which is part of the same protest against the port of oakland.
5:36 am
here at the port of oakland we will have team coverage on this developing story and for now we are live in oakland, christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. nurses plan to walk off the job for the second time in three weeks. take a look, this is where nurses will go on strike and eight of them are in red. they include antioch vallejo and oakland. nurses will walk out of good samaritan hospital and san jose. now it is part of a continuing contract dispute and nurses want to make cuts in staffing, paid sick time and pensions. now they have hired replacement workers under a five-day contract which means most of the striking nurses will not be allowed to go pack to work
5:37 am
until sunday morning. there are reports that egyptian presidents say disruption against gaza will end today. this comes as secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will try to negotiate an end to the fighting between hamas and gaza. she accompanied president barack obama at summit meetings with asian leaders and palestinians leaders in the west bank she will be meeting with as well. >> hamas has to stop this hock kit -- rocket fire so ultimately they have to end what citizens have faced for so many months. >> many have been killed in the week long fighting and hamas
5:38 am
continues to bomb israel but they are taken out by the iron dehe fence system. back here at home, the reward money will help in the violent string of crimes which is now up to $20,000. jonathan will banks and another armed man are involved in a deadly attempted carjacking. it will match the 10,000 dollars already being offered and police at the 711, they killed a 22-year-old man outside of this store. now if you have any information, no charges will be filed because of a suspicious looking watch. he was arrested after being stopped at a security checkpoint. he later posted bail and was
5:39 am
released. they say it looked like some sort of timing device. he said his client made the watch and described it as a piece of art. he said he meant no harm and that's why no charges were filed. coming up at 5:45 what a passenger refused to do which got him kicked off a flight. >> it is hard on the roads but what is happening. >> we'll see what happens if you are driving through the area. oakland in both directions is still light although we are getting more of a crowd still coming through. so far it is a good drive
5:40 am
across the bay and for the santa clara santa clara we are off to a nice start. gets will are go to steve and it looks like around novato, we still have no reports and this is in advance of system which is way up here. otherwise cloudy and windy conditions and some of this rain will be light moderate to heavy and more reports of windy counties almost 60 and even oakland san francisco with 50 in livermore you can see the rain victimming. the front foes here and it will take awhile, take a look at some of that rain, clever teal west bank and south of that is
5:41 am
cloudy and we are starting to move ever so slowly. the forecast right now, it begins at 4:00 and goes until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. it will be windy and cloudy and mainly wind and it will turn to snow around the 7,000 foot level as you get towards late tonight into tomorrow. clouds and winds for most, unless you are in the rain it will be even cooler if the rain does not let up. it will be on the windy mild side, it is out of here turning colder once the wind dies down, coast and bay will take us in early next week. time now 5:41 exact stations to casino visits and it is being said about george
5:42 am
with alleged questionable spending. and they have not had anything to drink, and the new effort to crash the criminals. food morning, your traffic looks very good and when we come back we will have more on the commute and the bay area weather. before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash.
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this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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. all right, steve, welcome back, good morning to you, here is a look at some of the top stories we are looking at, two early morning water-main breaks in the bay area and a water- main break in pittsburgh caused this 5-foot sinkhole.
5:45 am
and another one in red wood city flooded several basements. and this morning, union workers are on strike at the national airport and the issue stalled contract talks. they want employees to contribute to their retirement to help offset the debt and however the union accuses them of withholding very important financial information. and the board of supervisors said they are committed and voted against a plan to give free muni passes to thousands of low income youth. think want to use it for improvements instead and there will be a final decision on it instead. it does not necessarily mean drunk driving and it shows 14% are cited for being under the influence had drugs in their system. marijuana counted for almost half of those citations.
5:46 am
they tested for marijuana and that alone with a sobriety test can lead to a conviction. >> you have active blood which is what we are testing for even though it is not at a specific level. >> they hope more training for prosecutors will make people aware of the safety issue. a new york man is now facing charges after they say he threatened the flight crew and refused to turn off his cell phone on a plane. it happened on a spirit airlines, they were headed for fort lauderdale florida. 30-year-old samuel was asked repeatedly, turn off your cell phone but he won do it and threatened crew members. >> you have to watch what you say now a days. >> he was removed from that
5:47 am
plane and he was later charged with making a terrorist threat. and they are waiting for a second psychiatrist from oikos university, and they are determining if the man is set to stand trial. one goh was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. he is unable to communicate because he does not understand the criminal justice system. he is accused of killing seven people back in april. some santa clara supervisors have questions about the spending of executive director omar benjamin. he used a county credit card for golf courses along with meals at upscale restaurants and some of the charges have been repaid but in many instances he has you been unable to bring forward a
5:48 am
receipt. he faces tens of thousands of dollars in fines for filing show campaign disclosure forms. and this is day two of the sacred heart community in san jose. they are making sure nobody goes hungry for thanksgiving and they want to see how many turkeys they need for their holiday food boxes. they are on their way to washington d.c. but they will not be on the white house thanksgiving dinner table. there they are. president barack obama is due to pardon one of those turkeys in an annual tradition. two birds are always delivered incase one becomes sick and the turkeys will live the rest of their days in mt. vernon. trains will be longer than
5:49 am
normal on wednesday and sunday to help airport travelers out of town. and others will be running on sunday's schedule and bart will run full length trains for any of those shoppers or somebody who has to work. >> i just got off the phone with dispatchers and bart is doing well and so are the other transit systems and as we check regularly we make sure nothing is going wrong. checking on the roads, 880 southbound, there are no major problems as you drive through and 880 is looking crowded so it does not look like it's going to be too much lighter, we'll see what happens. i am also looking good here in
5:50 am
the south bayment we strong a lot of slowed traffic just yet according to the road sensor. there is rain already in the north bay. mostly cloudy and windy and mild for some and that will be the forecast and it will be a little to the north but it will be 60s to near 70s turning it colder, some areas will will tip and #0s yearly, upper 50 is for sun. there is nothing too heavy but it is there. if you don't have the rain it is mostly cloudy and windy. the front will eventually move
5:51 am
tonight around whipped more than anything else but that snow level will be dropping and if you can't go, wait it out and go another day or so. rain to the north, mild temperatures 60s to near 70 degrees for morgan hill and from santa rosa we have 'active pattern and it will be dry and there will be a lot of night and morning fog especially out to the valley. executives from hostess will meet with a federal mediator today. they urged them to work out a tail rather than working
5:52 am
toville over it's as set. workers including 150 are here in the pay area. they are here to boy. not everybody wants to batch football and so it gives shoppers a chance to enjoy their choice. stores rthat are only have an advantage over businesses that are closed. and virgin america was a worded fight and air canada, alaska, united and jet blue rounded out the top five. more big plans, the reason
5:53 am
for today's announcement about the new stadium, and the reason we will talk about the 49ers. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪
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...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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. good morning, rain has developed in the north bay, our highs will be in the 60s and rain arrives for everybody overnight into tomorrow
5:56 am
morning. time now 5:55 no electricity for more than 20,000 people in the pacific northwest after a powerful storm. look at the pictures, the worst damage, oregon coast where the winds knocked down trees and power lines and roads are bad in seattle. at least one death is blamed on this storm. san francisco 49ers will announce a college bowl game will be played at their new stadium. it is scheduled to open in 2014 and that's when the craft fight hunger pole will stay. last time they was a column bowl became -- bowl game at
5:57 am
spartan stadium. they turned out all day to pick up holiday food boxes. many have jobs and say after paying the bills there is not enough money left over. they are trying provide to struggling families and they need 600 more turkeys by tomorrow so that nobody is turned away. bay area restaurants are giving away 2000 free turkeys to needy families. it is in walnut creek and at 2:00 this afternoon, more will be handed out in alameda. it will come on a first calm, first serve basis. >> traffic is moving along nicely. the morning commute looks food
5:58 am
and there are certainly people on the road. but right now we look good, let's go back to the desk. a vallejo home is tied to a deadly attack on a police officer more than a decade ago. and strike gaining more people outside the port of oakland and who is walking the picket lines and how they are connected to another picket line outside oakland airport. already falling for some, will the wind and rain make it to the south? we will talk about that coming up in two minutes.
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